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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

3/1/06 - Oh, how I long to get dirty and talk to my plants!

Today's climate was right for Katie Bug to bring me a present -little brown rat snake. I expected it. No, I don't kill the little snakes anymore. They're about the size of a pencil and would prefer staying in the ground, not on the back porch. After the cats stop playing with them, the poor snakes slither off to safety. They're not poisonous and are good to keep those which are away.

The garden is full of chickweed. When I lauched my own business, I gave up organic farming and resorted to some chemicals to kill the weeds. That's quicker and time is a premium these days. Will spray this weekend and till a couple of weeks later.

Joel, my boyfriend, will ultimately work with an assortment of peppers. He likes to make Hot Dot Salsa. I'll go into that later.

Joel's dad wants to plant some asparagus. Since it spreads, we'll need to build a raised bed for it. I am considering putting that right in the compost pile. The dirt is very black and rich. I hope we can get to that project this weekend.

Still waiting on my seeds to arrive. I can't wait to get them started in the basement, where I've set up grow lights. Once the seedlings are strong enough, I'll put them in the greenhouse. But in the meantime, I wait.


  • alright Gret! I UNDERSTAND your plants in the basement and the grow lights but - - giving the line of MY work - - MAN!! could I have some comments for your blog!!


    good luck w/your blog and work!
    d (bccblet1)

    By Blogger bccblet1, at Thu Mar 02, 12:38:00 AM  

  • ok Gret! you like to get dirty and talk to your plants........... THE QUESTION IS - - -




    By Blogger bccblet1, at Wed Mar 29, 12:49:00 PM  

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