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Sunday, March 19, 2006

March 18 - Getting ready!

The garden, and most of the yard, is covered in chickweed. It's gotta go! I'll take care of that with a little spraying. Have a formula that I spray over the grass. Kills the weeds, but not the grass.

Joel and his dad covered an area with black plastic that usually spawns weeds higher than pole beans grow. Next fall, I'll pull up the plastic and plant some strawberries. Should get the first crop in spring 2007.

And, I'm finally getting a tree installed in the front yard. Two years ago, a tornado ripped through my neighborhood, pulling up my huge old oak tree. The hole has remained while I've pondered what to plant. My new red maple will provide beautiful bright yellow flowers in the spring and smashing crimson red glitter in the fall.

Oh, spring is finally here! Regardless, my geraniums continue to bloom all year.


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