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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

March 28 - We have germination!

Two days after sowing seeds, I'm pleased to announce the Romas are germinating! I got my seeds from Pinetree and finally got them in soil. I planted a variety of hot and sweet peppers, yellow tomatoes, Romas and my favorite large cherry tomato, Sweet Chelsea. The rest should begin germinating in the next 24 hours. I use the horticulture heating pads under the seeds to speed up the process and keep grow lights on until all are germinated. Plants do need some darkness, you know. I'll most likely sow squash, melons and a few other plants before I'm finished in the basement. Then, everything goes to the greenhouse.

But the really BIG news is that my red maple has been installed. I'd forgotten how big the trunk was from the oak tree. The remaining hole needed to be prepped, filled with dirt and then prepared for the tree. A horticulturist planted it for me, but needed to use a lot of topsoil, much more than expected. I finally have a tree in my front yard again. A red maple offers spring and fall colors.


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