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Saturday, April 15, 2006

April 14, Good Friday - and I'm pooped!

I added a lot more muscle and brainpower to my garden today.

Since my garden blog has garnered a lively Internet following, (I didn't realize that until I was at a public function recently in Siler City and artists and gardeners were asking me about my blog.) I feel I now have to back up my garden aspirations or will receive future electronic ridicule. I recruited more brawn and more brains to make my garden really grow.

You see, my boyfriend, Joel Leonard, loves to cook with fresh vegetables. Now he says he will provide the muscle, tilling, weed killing, watering, etc. -- and to provide gardening wisdom and nutritional expertise, his dad, Dr Joel Leonard, a retired physician, says he'll lend his advice and moral support to my garden. I appreciate anything they'll help me do.

Good Friday became a good gardening day when Dr. Joel brought over 8 German Pink Tomato plants and 3 German Johnson plants. He planted the first one. Here, father teaches son how to prep a hole for a tomato and plant it.

For hours, as we rested while Boyfriend Joel, slaved over the tiller, churning through weeds, leaves, lime, fertilizer and compost. Then, I laid out about a dozen soaker hoses, put some newspaper on top and then the black plastic (got it at Tractor Supply) and then cut holes to plant the 'maters. Yes, we did it!

On a totally unrelated matter, if you'd like to get some marketing tips or ideas for a travel story, view my profile. There, you'll find my other two blogs.


  • OK,greta, YOu are getting a little too "Martha Stewart" for me!!

    Good luck to you and your garden. I used to do such till I realized Produce Stands are EVERYWHERE!!

    ;-) later girl!

    By Blogger bccblet1, at Sat Apr 15, 11:41:00 PM  

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