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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Digging Up Dirt

I went to my parents' house yesterday and made a raised bed for their tomatoes. Oh, they're going to be crowded. In a 6'x2' planter, I put 3 tomatoes, 2 sweet basel and 1 green bell pepper. I hope the stands support and hold the Topsy Turvey tomatoes I hung. I think I'm going to have to go back and fasten them to the side of the tool shanty. One good wind and I think those Topsy Turvey hangers will land in China!

My mom always wants her tomatoes where she can pick them, which means the soil never gets a break. She had difficulty understanding why she needed to rotate space. So, I dug up the dirt where her 'maters typically are, mixed in some fresh soil, covered all that with newspaper and a little mulch - and then started adding new dirt. I included some lime, Black Cow manure, sand and vegetable garden soil. Not the ideal situation. Needs clay to hold the water. But my dad likes to water the plants, so I know they'll stay moist. I really should have taken some dirt from my garden, but didn't have time to dig some up and strain the weed roots out.


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