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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Clearing the Garden

Ok, I'm late again. But at least I got some work done in the garden today. The warm temps and gentle breezes got me in the mood to pull up the old black plastic and cover the ground with leaves. I added some lime, too.

I'm going to till the garden this year, add some amendments and then cover it back up with black plastic. I would love to use mulch, but the logistics of getting it into the garden is challenging. I have a composte pile in the back yard, but it's gotten full of plum trees that have branched out from the mother plant. I've got to get them all out of there before I can till the composte pile. The roots are about 8 inches under the ground and can be pulled if the soil is wet.

So you see plastic is easier.

Now to order my seeds. I'm late doing that, too.


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