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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Before Returning to the Garden ....

I guess most of us are picking produce now. I've not had time to can any. Joel and I had a house guest this past week - and I was spending time to get the place just perfect. If you've ever watched The Andy Griffith Show, then you are probably aware of the Darling family. They came down from the mountain in a flatbed truck. Daughter and sister Charlene was the apple of their eye - and she wanted to marry Sheriff Andy Taylor. Well, Charlene was here!

Her real name is Maggie Peterson and she lives in Las Vegas. She routinely performs with the two remaining Dillards - Doug and Rodney - and The Mayberry Tribute group. They were putting on a show in Troy, North Carolina - and needed a place for her to stay. Since the show was a fundraiser for the Montgomery County Sheriff's Dept. DARE program, the organizer was watching expenditures. You don't want to spend all your money on producing the event. So I invited her to stay here.

Afterall, I was handling publicity for the sold-out event!
Visit to see more about the fun!

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