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Saturday, June 24, 2006

June 24-Two Storms Converge in Asheboro

That's according to the people in the know - local paper, weather service. Last night, my neighbor recorded a little more than 4 inches of rain in his gauge. Apparently some people around here got upwards of 7 inches. The mall parking lot and streets were flooded. For about 3 hours last night, Mother Nature provided all kinds of fireworks - with rain coming in all directions and at all angles. So, Joel's outside this morning cleaning out the gutters. I showed him what happens inside the house if the outside isn't cared for.... here I am, a maintenance woman who orders "the maintenance evangelist" around- what power!. (Check out his song at and click on "Find Me a Maintenance Woman.")

I hope weather is better in Burgaw, Oakboro, Pembroke.

Today is the Third Annual North Carolina Blueberry Festival. Ivey Hayes is the local artist who creates an annual poster. Today is the grand opening of The Art House in Oakboro. And, I've got a photo shoot scheduled for the outdoor drama "Strike at the Wind!" in Pembroke.

I staked up the tomatoes that were blown down last night. Today's a good day to push metal poles into the ground. They go deep and that makes staking heavy tomato plants easier.


  • Greta-

    Small blogging world! We know each other from my time as NC Zoo Web guy. Now, looking after other things full time and the Randolph County Blogosphere... aka Randolph Is Talking in my spare time.
    Even smaller blogging world.. I know the guy that helped Joel start blogging.

    By Blogger Rob, at Tue Sep 26, 09:26:00 PM  

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