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Thursday, June 01, 2006

June 1 - Leaf rollers

See the curled leaves? That's a sign that my tomatoes have leaf rollers. A good way to get rid of the moth is to spray the plants with Pyola.

Available from Gardens ALIVE!, pyola is a mixture of canola oil and pyrethrin, a perfect organic match to kill bugs. It's safe and can be used on the fruit. (Click on the title of this blog and you'll be linked to Gardens ALIVE!)

I'll spray pyola on all my plants, including my roses, azaleas and dogwood trees.

Checked out my cantelopes today. I've got some tiny ones. The plants are starting to run. I need to cover the black plastic with straw or something to keep the plants and fruit cool.

Lettuce loves cool weather. When temps heat up, lettuce bolts. This is lettuce bolting. Leaves turn bitter and it just needs to be pulled up and thrown in the compost pile.

You can see I've not been tending my garden well - and why I'm using black plastic this year. My lettuce is surrounded by weeds and catnip.


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