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Sunday, May 07, 2006

May 6 - Tomatoes are in bloom!

After wrapping up three major projects, I took today off. OFF. I think today was the first full day I've had OFF in months. Now I have a clearer mind to proceed with my next projects, all of which are fun ones!

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The tomatoes we planted on Good Friday are in full bloom with big, sturdy stalks. In the past, I always dug a hole and laid tomatoes down on their side, with the tops popping up through the dirt. Joel's dad showed me a different way - and it looks to be paying off!

We dug a hole about a foot deep, added a quart of lime and a little granulated fertilizer, the plant and some water. The result appears to be very happy plants!

Today, Joel, his dad and I finished putting down the black plastic in the garden and planted some more German Johnson pink tomatoes (oh, one slice is all you need for a good, thick 'mater sandwich!), some basil, okra and a few cantelopes. I purchased some Mortgage Lifters and Mountain Pride, both heavy tomatoe producers. They're not in the ground yet, but will be next week after today's steady rain. And, I'll probably put the Sweet Chelsea ( and yellow tomatoes in the garden shortly after the 15th. They're still under grow lights in the basement. Yea, I know....

For Mother's Day, I'm going to plant some tomatoes in containers and take to my folks. They live 90 minutes away. Health issues prevent them from doing much gardening anymore. My mom loved digging in dirt and my dad didn't mind using a shovel. I suppose that's where I picked up my desire to do the same.

So, today's Sunday, May 7 and I'm back on the clock. A good, solid day's work in the garden - not the office - is just what the doctor ordered!


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