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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

June 6 - A Grassy Dilemma

No, this photo doesn't come from my front yard, but it does give you the idea that not all is green where it should be..... My front yard was once covered in lush, apple-green centipede grass that really didn't need mowing in the summertime. The thick grass is designed for hot summers. It worked fine until I had the large oak tree deep-root fertilized three years ago. Shortly thereafter, a tornado took it out, leaving a large hole and 21 holes of super strong fertilizer.

With a newfound source of food, weeds of all sizes and grasses of all names started popping up. My yard had been invaded with "grass-terrorists," loaded with all kinds of ammo to kill my beautiful centipede, allowing cults of crab grass, goose grass and dandelions to overtake my yard.

I've been at war. No fence, no soldiers and no legislation could help. It's been a battle of mind, spirit, soul and the pocketbook! I've tried chemicals, horticulture-grade Roundup and more - to no avail.

It's been a mess. And now the yard has to be mowed on a weekly basis. My boyfriend Joel Leonard has been a real trouper in helping me maintain what is left of what used to be one of the prettiest yards in my neighborhood. Half is green. Half is dead.

You might say I'm working in research and development and he's in production. I'm trying to figure out how to salvage my yard while he mows the green part.

Today, I learned from the NC Cooperative Extension Office that it will take up to three years to regain my yard's health and beauty. Before I do anything else to my yard, however, I'm going to get the soil tested. Who knows? Perhaps it needs a little more than a good trim and TLC!


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