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Monday, June 26, 2006

June 26 - Red tomatoes, green melons, brown grass

Joel beat me to it. Here are two of the three tomatoes he picked today. I'm concerned that one, despite putting nearly a quart of lime in the dirt with each plant, has blossom end rot. Well, I'll fix that with some more lime!

The cantelope are continuing to grow and the plums are starting to ripen. Wish I could say the same for the front yard. I'm starting from square one.

I got a bag of centipede seed with mulch at the Lowe's hardware in Rockingham on Saturday and spread it out on the dead grass area yesterday during the rain. The seed will germinate in 27 more days, if I keep it wet. That will be a challenge, but I may just have to suck up the water bill for a month. I've got to restore the beauty of my front yard. Centipede loves hot, dry weather - but wants a lot of moisture to germinate. Then it spreads very slowly. Once established, you don't have to mow as often and your grass is a beautiful shade of green all summer long.


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